Welcome to Althenia!

Althenia is a browser-based online role-playing game. It is presently under development and still lacks content, but some features are emerging.

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Currently this game is provided for demonstration and testing only, as is, and neither availability nor persistence is guaranteed. In fact, during development the game will be restarted from scratch quite often.

Access is open to everyone, but remember that playing this game is a free choice, and that other characters are controlled by real people. Each player is responsible for the originations of their characters.

This said, we do hope that you enjoy our efforts and have fun!

Quick tutorial

The game screen is divided into four areas: view, inventory, chat log and input window. The view shows the game world around you. Click to move or select a target for an action. The inventory shows objects in your possesion, and sometimes other objects with which you can interact. The chat log displays a record of things happening around you.

The input window is for interacting with the world. Clicking on its left-most part displays a menu of available actions, although they can also be typed in.

Some useful keyboard keys:

EscClear input window or toggle the action menu
Up, DownBrowse input history or select actions in menu
Tab, Shift+TabChange input field
EnterPerform selected action
Ctrl+Left, Ctrl+RightRotate view

Some action shortcuts:

'wordssay "words"
/actiondescribe "action"

Technical details

The core server and game mechanics are written in C++, which provides effortless performance. An early version used the Yewslip scripting language to describe game mechanics within a generic game server, but too many CPU cycles were wasted on dynamic types. Nowadays everything is a class and cycles are spent on virtual function calls instead, which aren't nearly as hard.

The web client is made of JavaScript and DOM, the web server is currently Apache on Linux, which delivers requests to the game server via FastCGI.

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Architect:Andrey Zholos
Idealist:Victor Chumakov
Tree graphics are based on MakeTree for POV-Ray by Gilles Tran.